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Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch
Premium All Bark Mulch
Color Enhanced Dyed Bark Mulch
Organic Compost / Soil Builder
Double-Shredded Hardwood Mulch
Hardwood mulch is logs that have been shredded and composted, reground and composted again. This product contains NO construction debris, pallets, 2x4's or scrap lumber. This mulch is a sawmill byproduct, and is a completely natural way to enhance any landscape bed.
$25.50 cu. yd. plus delivery

Premium All Bark
Bark Mulch is made of the bark and cambium of the tree. It features moisture retention, weed control and soil conditioning. Bark Mulches are one of the best mulches for shrub beds.You can expect this product to hold its natural color longer.
$29.00 cu. yd. plus delivery

Color Enhanced (Black)  Hardwood Mulch
This is the exact same product as the Double-Shredded Hardwood Mulch except that it has been enhanced with a non-toxic dye by Colorbiotics. This mulch is completely safe for plants, pets, and children and will give the longest lasting color. You can expect vivid color for 1.5 -2 seasons by turning and raking.
$32.00 cu. yd. plus delivery

Organic Compost
This is the ideal soil amendment for your flower beds, vegetable gardens and to top-dress yards with poor soils. The organic matter and humus will build up your soil and planting beds for a better growing environment.

$27.00 cu. yd. plus delivery

Sifted Topsoil

$35.00 cu. yd. plus delivery

Sifted Topsoil/Compost Blend
$39.00 cu. yd. plus delivery